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Whenever I feel angry, tense, distracted, lost in brain fog, anxious or sad, I jump into my shorts and training shoes and go running. It. Always. Work. It has never failed me. Moving my body seems to move my brain in the process, rearranging it in a whole new way and giving me a whole new day.

For a year now, exercise has been part of my daily routine. In case you’re hesitating to take a similar trip, I’ve summarized my little experience here. …

Wisdom from my Nonna.

She grabbed my face with both of her hands, smiling so wide I thought her face would split in two.

“Megan,” she said.

“I’m so happy for you. When the love is good, you wait.”

Those were the words my Nonna spoke to me at my bridal shower a little over two years ago.

She gleefully attended the luncheon that my mother and my bridal party had prepared for me, prancing around the room as the sprightly, vivacious, ninety-two-year-old that she was at the time. …


bizli chomkalo

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